RSQ International Equity Fund Overview

Fund Assets: $25.2 MM as of 07/31/2018
Sales Load: None
Distributions: Annual dividends and capital gains
Inception Date: 11/27/2013
Investor Class Institutional Class
Cusip: 00764Q678 00764Q686
Expense Ratios: Net: 1.35% Net: 1.10%
Minimum Investment: $2,500 $1 million

The gross expense ratios of the Investor and Institutional share classes as of the date of the fund’s current prospectus were 2.57% and 2.32%, respectively. Waivers are contractual and in effect until February 28, 2019.

Investment Objective

Seeks long-term growth of capital

Investment Approach

  • Harness structural tailwinds in international markets at geographic, sector and company levels
  • Seek opportunities in developed and emerging markets
  • Utilize both top-down and bottom-up fundamental analysis
  • Identify opportunistic themes and trends, and invest in companies we believe are poised to be beneficiaries
  • Build a high conviction yet diversified portfolio